pottery is our nature


Pottery is our nature

Our ultimate goal is to show inspiration for all customers and settings: experimental collections, presentation ideas for boutiques and finally in all types of homes.

Experimenting in the ID Lab
As a first step, we enter the D&M ID Lab. This is a research area, a think tank for creative souls who elevate the search for better to a true art form. ID represents our IDentity, the true meaning of the D&M brand. Everything starts with an IDea, a drawing in a sketchbook, a collage of visual fragments on the wall of this modern room. Pots and plants are being reduced to their purest version – an ode to the essence of clean shapes and contemporary colours. 

Down and dirty in the Atelier
In the next stage of the experiment ideas are being shaped. Practice takes over from the sketches in our Atelier. Hands get dirty and the clay forms itself to objects. In between the blocks of clay and the unfinished pieces you can feel this creative process in all stages and facets. This space reveals a natural affinity with the product in all its shapes. 

A conceptroom with many faces
The D&M conceptroom captures multiple settings in one. Our Concept gives you a specific image of how our designs can be displayed in your shop, hotel, restaurant or other creative spaces. Discover how our collections can be translated to real interiors, from livingrooms to workspaces or large public areas. Our ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere which inspires and excites the imagination of creatives when working with our pottery.  

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