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Karoo Testimonials

Nadine Desirant
Interior architect

“We live in a world of hustle and bustle. People need peace and calm. That is why they are increasingly looking for plant and flower motifs in their interiors. On seating, cushions, lamp shades, table cloths, wallpaper, etc. Natural objects make people feel good and bring a sense of calm into their homes. Green walls are the ideal solution for bringing real live nature into your interior.

You don’t sacrifice any space and you create an optimal effect. Karoo is a prime example of this. It is modular, maintenance-friendly and ideally suited for both outdoors and indoors. What I find so interesting about this concept is that you can create a continuous effect. You can extend your interior to the exterior and vice-versa. The modules are small and that’s a great asset. In small spaces, you can achieve a fabulous effect with relatively few elements. In bigger spaces you can simply extend the system until you have an effect of total greenery. Karoo fits in everywhere. It looks as good in kitchens as it does in wellness centres.”



David Sels

“As a florist I am extremely enthusiastic about Karoo. The system is extremely user-friendly. You take the element out of the box and remove the protective film. Underneath you find the potting soil into which coconut fibre has been mixed. This ensures that the water flows vertically and is absorbed into all the plants. It is delivered with a fixture that has two pre-drilled holes, so that hanging up your Karoo is child’s play. Planting is also very simple. There is room for nine plants that you insert under a layer of felt. It’s a brilliant idea. So simple.

Karoo is a clean concept. You can water your plants or herbs without spilling a single drop. This is the first and only green wall system around today that you can use in your home, kitchen and garden. You decide for yourself how you want to install it and the end result is always attractive. I have integrated Karoo into my display window. Clients ask me “How did you manage to do that?” I explain it to them briefly and they are immediately sold on the idea.”

Bart Jaeken
Landscape architect

“Green walls are gaining in popularity. They provide a beautiful solution for decorating a roof terrace for instance. Installing a green wall adds tremendous value to a terrace. You can enjoy the sense of nature to the full and retain your views of the outside world. But they also add an aesthetically pleasing and fresh look to town gardens without having to sacrifice precious space. Hedges take up a lot more space.

Another great advantage of Karoo is the modular concept. You can create very interesting canvases with it by interweaving different types of plants and herbs. Succulents, agaves with their soft leaves, creeping plants, herbs, etc. You can create the most wonderful combinations with Karoo. The design is also very unique.

It is more than just a series of pots. It has been thoroughly researched. It is design. People are sensitive to this. They want to bring nature into their homes, but in a beautiful and creative way. Karoo responds to this need intelligently and efficiently. I have been using it for some time now and all I hear are positive reactions.”



Toon & Gom Saldien

“Green is growing enormously in popularity. It is much more than a trend. It is a view of life that has now been given shape. In times of crisis, we all want to return to basics, to things that really matter. The green trend is a direct consequence of this. Our architects often use green themes as the basis when designing a building.

‘Nest in green’ for instance is one such theme. The land also inspires us. Take a meadow. We cut it open; we plough it and drop a building under it so to speak .

The Karoo green wall also fits in with this philosophy. It is easy to build and easy to dismantle. You can use it vertically or horizontally. It is a concept that looks wonderful whatever the season. In the summer you can put your Karoo outside and grow herbs in it. In the winter you can bring it indoors – in your kitchen for instance. It is a product that I believe has a great deal of potential for growth – excuse the pun. And the larger building elements, that can be integrated using specific building techniques, offer even more possibilities, especially for architects.”

Jiri Vermeulen
Designer of Karoo

“Karoo is the result of a survey among urban and rural residents into the need for greenery. A great many people regretted the lack of greenery in their immediate surroundings. That was in fact the starting point of the concept. How do you integrate greenery into an apartment in town? I found a lot of inspiration in the work of Patrick Blanc, a French botanist. He reintroduced green walls in the nineties.

I wanted to translate his vision into a contemporary concept. It had to be user-friendly, flexible and attractive. And the successful outcome of this research was Karoo. It is easy to install; a modular system that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It is a real eyecatcher that, when you combine it with several elements, still remains discreet. The future of Karoo? The modular system can be used for all types of applications. With a little imagination you can create a stand-alone green wall with it in offices. And why not install it to add a touch of life to a stand at a trade fair? You can do so much with Karoo.”



Steve Vercammen
Managing Director D&M

Two years ago we carried out a survey into the need for greenery in towns. This confirmed in fact what we already knew: when people have a restricted amount of space, they go in search of new green solutions. This marked the start of our joint venture with Jiri Vermeulen, a talented final year student at Artesis. We gave him the following mission: design a new and original green concept that is attractive, user- and maintenance-friendly and that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The result is Karoo and we are extremely proud of it. Karoo fits in perfectly with the D&M philosophy. It is a unique, innovative system that can be used for all types of applications. It is ecologically friendly and of social relevance. It is a 100% Belgian product, not just designed by a local artist, but also produced in Belgium. It is even assembled in Belgium at a protected workshop in Zele. Each element is beautiful in itself. The modular design means that you save space and you can add elements whenever you want. You can create a kind of green painting. And you can also use it to decorate a whole wall. Karoo is an important step towards a new, sustainable green culture. Florists, architects, interior architects and landscape gardeners are already working enthusiastically with it.

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