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Modular system

Karoo is modular and is applicable in any environment. Large or small spaces, horizontal or vertical … Karoo allows for creative and original projects to be devised. Each Karoo is a perfectly-finished element that really looks quite respectable.


(1) Carefully remove the foil from the module.
(2) Fold open the fabric of each compartment.
(3) Remove the plant from the pot and free up the roots.
Remove any surplus potting soil. Wet the root ball before replanting.
(4) Put the plant into the desired compartment. Recommended size of plant in pot : Ø 9cm.
(5) Press down the potting soil. Water Karoo with one litre of water to ensure good contact between the root ball and the potting soil.

DCM has created a special potting soil for vertical installations, containing organic fertiliser. After 12 weeks you can apply any liquid fertiliser of your choice according to the indications. Water in between with plain water.


Indoor & outdoor plants

Buxus sempervivum

Peperomia schumi red


Spathiphyllum chopin

Callisia tutle

Euonymus fortunei

Senecio cephalophorus

Pellea rotutifolia


Coral breeze

Sempervivum groen

Sempervivum rood

Calathea ornata



Partenocissus striata

Plug and Play

Karoo is simple to install.

Watering system / waterflow

You can water 24 Karoos automatically with a micro-drip starter set. Install the bottom row first.

(1) Connect the Karoos horizontally via the thin pipes. Cut the thin pipe to the desired length. Connect to the dropper and click the dropper to the back of the Karoo.
(2) Install another row above and link the rows to the thicker pipe on the side. Put a stopper at the far ends of the pipes. The dropper must be perfectly positioned in the middle and be free of any obstructions.

You can also water with a watering can or a garden hose. Water flow besides the possibility of watering Karoo manually or automatically, a structure has been designed to regulate waterflow inside Karoo. The internal structure of Karoo is constructed in such a way that the water is evenly distributed between the roots. Water crystals take up the extra water and subsequently release it again when necessary. The surplus water is stored in a reservoir underneath. The capillary action of the substrate causes a gradual distribution of the stored water.

Manual watering

Check the potting soil at regular intervals and water as and when there is a need. You should use no more than one litre of water each time you water Karoo indoors. If water runs out of the gutter below this means you have used too much water. Water may drip off the plants while watering.


The pakcage contains: 1 karoo (dark grey or white), Potting soil, 1 instruction manual, 1 installation template. Weight : 6kg For larger quantities, other packaging on request.

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